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What do I need to buy a firearm?:  In NC, to purchase a pistol requires a permit that can be received from the Sheriff of the county in which you reside and a state issued ID.  For long guns, you need a state issued photo ID.  In Virginia, you need a state issued photo ID.  We will run a background check while you wait.

What items do you accept?:  We accept many different types of items.  The items that are most popular and bring the most money are gold and silver, firearms, game systems, name brand musical instruments, and electronics.  Also, you will get more for an item if you are trading it in towards another item.  A great way to trade up to the next best thing!

Are many items brought into a pawn shop stolen?:  National statistics for pawn shops show that less than 1/10 of a percent of items brought into a pawn shop are stolen.  Pawn shops work closely with law enforcement including very strict reporting of items brought in to deter criminals from bringing in ill gotten items.  Unfortunately, many other businesses don't have the same legal requirements as we do, for example, flea markets, second hand stores, and internet sales.

What do I do if something was stolen from me?:  First, file a police report.  This is the only way the police can match your item to the items on a pawn shop's police report.  Second, write down a description of your missing items, including serial numbers and bring it to us.  We will be happy to keep an eye out for your missing items.  Last, check second hand stores that buy from the public and flea markets.  Stolen items are much more likely to show up at one of these places.

How long do I have to get my pawned item back?:  A pawn is initially set up as a 30 day loan.  These loans can be renewed monthly in 30 day increments by paying the monthly interest and fees.  A grace period of at least 15 days will allow a little extra time before the item is pulled and sold.